Prof. Li Min gave an invited talk for the “World Parkinson’s disease Day” on 9 April, 2017

April 13, 2017

Prof. Li Min was invited by Prof. Cai Xiaodong, Chief of the Functional Neurology Dept. of Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital (SZSPH) on 9 April 2017, to give a talk for the event of Shenzhen Parkinson's disease Association for the “World Parkinson's disease Day” in SZSPH. The title of Prof. Li’s talk was “Clinical application of Chinese medicine therapy in alleviating Parkinson’s disease neurodegeneration. After the talk, a meeting was held to discuss the research collaboration project in SZSPH. A consensus has been reached that the research collaboration between CPDR and SZSPH must be pushed forward in the near future.



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