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Assistant Professor, Teaching and Research Division

Expert in natural product chemistry, chemical analysis of Chinese herbal medicines and application of high-speed counter-current chromatography.


Dr. Simon Quan-Bin Han obtained his PhD in natural product chemistry at Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy Sciences in 2003 and was granted “The President Award” by the Academy. 2004-2009, he was a Scientist at Hong Kong Jockey Club Institute of Chinese Medicine.  2009-6.2011, he worked for the Chinese University of Hong Kong as a Research Assistant Professor. Now he is an Assistant Professor at School of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong Baptist University. 

His research interests are focused on natural product chemistry, quality control methodology, HSCCC’s application in drug discovery. With years of research experiences, Dr. Han has published over one hundred research papers in scientific journals such as Natural Product Reports, Current Medicinal Chemistry, Organic Letter, Journal of Chromatography A, Journal of Natural Products, etc, being the first author for nearly forty of them. His research got financial support from several government funding agencies, like National Natural Sciences Foundation in China, HKSAR Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF), and Health and Health Services Research Fund, etc.

Funded Projects

Project 1

Title: A Dendrobium QC marker and its use in quick efficient  and low-cost herb authentication

Principal Investigator: Dr. Han Quan-Bin 

Funding Body: MPCF-HKBU 

Project ID: KTO 03-26-042

Exercise Year: 2014/2015 

Approved Project Duration: 12 months 

Project Fund: HK$ 200,000 

Coordinator: Mr. Li Xiao-Jun 

Project 2

Title: Anti-EV71 agents from Zhimu 

Principal Investigator: Dr. Han Quan-Bin 

Funding Body: Research Committee of Hong Kong Baptist Universityt University 

Project ID: FRG2/13-14/026 

Exercise Year: 2014/2015

Approved Project Duration: 12 months

Project Fund: HK$ 120,000

Coordinator: Dr. Han Quan-Bin

Project 3

Title: The clinical potential of Astragalus polysaccharides in cancer therapy via 

synergism with antitumor drugs

Principal Investigator: Dr. Han Quan-Bin 

Funding Body: Health Medical Research Fund

Project ID: No. 11122531 

Exercise Year: 2014/2016

Approved Project Duration: 24 months 

Project Fund: HK$ HK$ 994,800 

Coordinator: Wan-Rong Bao 



  Ms. Wanrong Bao

  Research Assistant 

  Preventive Veterinary Medicine

  Email: baowanrong@gmail.com


  Mr. Xiaojun Li

  Research Assistant   

  Natural medicine chemistry and molecular biology  

  Traditional Chinese Medicine in English

  Email: kevinxiaojun@163.com

Publication Records: 5 patents; 140+ SCI Papers;

Ten Representative publications in the past ten years: 



Quan-Bin Han,   Hong-Xi Xu, Caged Garcinia Xanthones, development since 1937, Current Medicinal Chemistry, 2009, 16, 3775-3796. IF:4.07


Han-Dong   Sun, Sheng-Xiong Huang, and Quan-Bin Han, Diterpenoids from Isodon species and their biological activities, Natural Products Report, 2006, 23, 673-698. IF:   10.18


Quan-Bin Han,  Ting-Fai Tso, Susan Cheung, Joseph Tai,   Chun-Feng Qiao, Jing-Zheng  Song, Han-Dong Sun, Hong-Xi Xu, Maoecrystal Z, a Cytotoxic Diterpene  from Isodon eriocalyx with an Unique Skeleton, Organic Letters, 2006, 8, 4727-4730. IF: 6.14


Xiao-Qiang Han, Gar-Lee Yue,   Rui-Qi Yue, Cai-Xia Dong, Chung-Lap Chan, Chun-Hay Ko, Wing-Shing Cheung,   Ke-Wang Luo, Hui Dai*, Chun-Kwok Wong, Ping-Chung Leung, Quan-Bin Han*, Structure elucidation and immunomodulatory activity of a beta   glucan from the fruiting bodies of Ganoderma sinense, PLOS ONE, 2014, pone.0100380. IF: 3.73


Mengshun  Liu, Ling Tao, Siu Leung Chow, Rong Wu, Shuangfan Cai, Mengjie Wang,  Yifu   Yang, Dajian Yang, Zhaoxiang Bian, Aiping Lu, Quanbin Han*, Hongxi Xu*Folding  Fan Mode Counter Current Chromatography (FFM-CCC) offers fast blind  screening   for drug discovery.  Case study:  Finding anti-enterovirus  71 agents from Anemarrhena asphodeloidesJournal of Chromatography A,   2014, 1368, 116-124. IF: 4.61


Jun Xu, Song-Lin Li, Rui-Qi Yue, Chun-Hay Ko, Jiang-Miao Hu, Jing Liu, Hing-Man   Ho, Tao Yi, Zhong-Zhen Zhao, Jun Zhou, Ping-Chung Leung, Hu-Biao Chen*, Quan-Bin Han*, A novel and rapid HPGPC-based strategy for quality control of saccharide-dominant herbal materials: Dendrobium officinale, a case study, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 2014, 406,   6409-6417.


Jun-Yi Yin, Zhi-Hong Jiang, Hua Yu, Ming-Yong Xie, Wen-Luan Hsiao, Ai-Ping Lu, Quan-Bin   Han*,  A new application of an aqueous diphase solvent system in one-step  preparation of polysaccharide from the crude water extract of Radix  Astragali by   high-speed counter-current chromatography, Journal of Chromatography A, 2012, 1262, 92-97. IF: 4.61


Lin Li, Grace G.L. Yue, Clara B.S. Lau, Handong Sun, Kwok-pui Fung, Ping-chung Leung, Quan-Bin Han* and Po Sing Leung*, Eriocalyxin  B induces apoptosis and cell cycle arrest in pancreatic adenocarcinoma  cells through caspase- and p53-dependent pathways, Toxicology & Applied Pharmacology, 2012, 262, 80-90. IF: 3.98


Xian-Jun Yu, Quan-bing Han*, Zhe-Sheng Wen, Liang Ma, Jin Gao Guang-Biao Zhou*, Gambogenic acid induces G1 arrest via GSK3β-dependent Cyclin D1 degradation and triggers autophagy in lung cancer cells, Cancer Letters,   2012, 322, 185-194. IF: 4.26


Jun-Yi Yin, Ben Chung-Lap Chan, Hua Yu, Iris Yuen-Kam Lau, Xiao-Qiang Han, Sau-Wan Cheng, Chun-Kwok Wong, Clara Bik-San Lau , Ming-Yong Xie, Kwok-Pui Fung, Ping-Chung Leung, Quan-Bin Han*, Separation,  structure characterization, conformation and immunomodulating effect of  a hyperbranched heteroglycan from Radix Astragali, Carbohydrate Polymers,   2012, 87, 667-75. IF: 3.48