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Associate Professor, Teaching and Research Division

Expert in Pharmaceutical Formulation in Chinese Materia Medica and Drug Delivery System


Dr Yang graduated at Shenyang Pharmaceutical University in 1986, after that he became a tutor and then lecturer in China Pharmaceutical University. During the period, he learned basic theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and conducted research in Gifu Pharmaceutical University in Japan as a visiting scholar. In 1993, he studied in Chiba University in Japan as a doctoral candidate, and obtained the PhD. in Pharmaceutical Science in 1997. Subsequently, Dr YANG assumed the duty of a researcher in TaiYo Pharmaceutical Industry Ltd in Japan. In 2000, he carried out his postdoctoral research in University of British Columbia, Canada. One year later, he served in Northern Lipids Inc. in Canada as a scientist to develop Liposome Formulation.

Dr Yang has been engaged in development and research in pharmaceutics for chemical and natural active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). He has attained remarkable results both in publications and pharmacy market products. Currently Dr Yang is focusing on the most front line research of the pharmaceutics to develop the formulation of API by combining the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) and Drug Delivery System (DDS).

Funded Projects

Project 1

Title: Immunoliposome delivery triptolide to lung cancer   enhanced by Carbonic Anhydrase IX Antibody 

Principal Investigator: Dr. Zhijun Yang (Ph.D.)

Funding Body: Hong Kong General Research Fund

Project ID: HKBU 12102514 

Exercise Year: 2015/2017

Approved Project Duration: 24 months 

Project Fund: HK$ 900,000 

Coordinator: ZhijuYang (Ph.D.) 

Project 2

Title: BFGC300 and BFGT 600 mg

Principal Investigator: Dr. Zhijun Yang (Ph.D.) 

Funding Body: Bright Future Pharmaceutical Laboratories

Project ID: HKBU BFPLL/13-14/01 

Exercise Year: 2014/2016 

Approved Project Duration: 24 months 

Project Fund: Confidential 

Coordinator: ZhijuYang (Ph.D.) 

Project 3

Title: Develop an emulsion-based formulation/nano-particle based formulation for Doxorubicin and Docetaxel

Principal Investigator: Dr. Zhijun Yang (Ph.D.) 

Funding Body: Kinex Pharmaceuticals 

Project ID: HKBU KP/13-14-01 

Exercise Year: 2014/2015

Approved Project Duration: 8 months 

Project Fund: confidential

Coordinator: ZhijuYang (Ph.D.)



  Ms. Helena Ng Huei Leng (Ph.D.)

  Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

  Biochemistry & Physiology

  Email: hueilengng@yahoo.com


  Mr. Zhang Jia-Yong

  Research Assistant

  Major: Chemistry

  Email: zhangjiayong-12@163.com


  Mr. Jiahao-Li 

  Research Assistant

  Pharmaceutical Sciences in Chinese Medicine

  Traditional Chinese Pharmacology

  Email: 13433504@life.hkbu.edu.hk


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