Seminar by Prof. Wei Jia on 17 Jun, 2016

June 20, 2016

Prof. Wei Jia, from University of Hawaii Cancer Center gave a seminar at the School of Chinese Medicine on 17 Jun, 2016. The title of his presentation was “Translational metabolomics in drug metabolism and gastrointestinal carcinogenesis”. Prof. Jia's research interest involves defining the molecular mechanisms that link metabolic disruptions in gut microbial-host co-metabolism to metabolic disorders and gastrointestinal cancer. Prof. Jia has published many papers in high-rank journals such as Sciences, Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, Science Translational Medicine, Blood.


Prof. Min Li and Prof. Wei Jia (left) at SCM of HKBU


Prof. Wei Jia with academic staff from SCM of HKBU


Prof. Wei Jia with Prof. Min Li and her team members


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