Welcome to the webpage of Mr. & Mrs. Ko Chi Ming Centre for Parkinson’s Disease Research (CPDR).

Established in October 2014, CPDR is a centre for translational and clinical research in Parkinson’s disease (PD) and other neurodegenerative diseases which aims to develop new drugs for preventing and treating neurodegenerative diseases using Chinese medicine.

CPDR adopts Chinese medicine perspectives and findings from a long-standing clinical practice as the fundamental basis for pharmacological studies of neurodegenerative diseases including PD and their etiology and pathogenesis. It endeavors to discover more effective and non-toxic or less toxic drugs through integrating the application of molecular/cell biology and pharmacology techniques to benefit patients suffering from PD and other neurodegenerative diseases. Through collaborations with top global and national/world-class institutes in China and the world, CPDR aims to become an excellent platform to integrate Western and Chinese medicine and transform basic research into clinical applications, and serve as an innovative research and development base for training professionals.

We have opportunities for talented hard working and independent PhD students. We also seek international collaboration with strong researchers that have interest, skills and expertise in related fields. Thank you for your interest in CPDR.

Prof Min Li
Director of Mr. and Mrs. Ko Chi Ming Centre for Parkinson's Disease Research

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