Prof. Li Min invited Prof. ZHONG Qing to give a seminar on 9 March, 2015

March 09, 2015

Professor Qing ZHONG has been invited to give a seminar in the School of Chinese Medicine on 9 Mar, 2015. The title of his presentation was “Biochemical Dissection and Reconstitution of Mammalian Autophagy”.


Prof. Qing Zhong is from Department of Internal Medicine and Biochemistry Center for Autophagy Research, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, USA. His research focus on “the biochemical regulation of autophagy in mammalian cells” and “cancer drugs induced apoptosis and necrosis, and their interconnection with autophagy”. He published many high-ranked paper in peer-review journals such as Nature, Nature Cell Biology, Molecular Cell, PNAS, Autophagy, et al. 


Prof. Li Min (right) with Prof. Zhong Qing (left).


Prof. Li Min and her team members with Prof. Zhong Qing at SCM of HKBU. 


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